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Importing filters in Filters Unlimited

I'm going to import the filter SANDFLOWERS SPECIAL in Filters Unlimited.
First I downloaded the filter, unzipped it and put it in a folder on my desktop. I named this folder Sandflower Specials. Download this filter

1. Start PSP and open een new image. Because, when you haven't opened an image, you can't open a filter.

2. Effects > Plugins > I.C. Net Software - Filters Unlimited. At the bottom of the screen, you see some buttons, click on the second button on the left:

3. Now you get this window:

3. Select in the Drop Down menu your Desktop, where you can find the Sandflower folder:

4. After this, look in the little window for the Sandflower folder, click this folder and click the button

5. Now you're in the Sandflower folder and you can see all the Sandflowerfilters are there.

6. Select while holding your Ctrl key pressed 12 filters (you can't select all of them at the same time, Windows will refuse this) and click
Open. Make sure if you have at File Types "All Files" selected.

7. Now the common window of Filters Unlimited will appear.
Repeat these steps until you have imported all filters of Sandflower Specials.
You can see at once if the Sandflower Filters are there, you don't need to restart PSP.

As you can see, importing filters in Filters Unlimited is very easy.
More filters can be imported, like VM filters, Andrewfilters, Filter Factory Filters, and more. There are also filters, that you cannot import. Just give it a try, you'll notice soon enough if it works or not.

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