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Exporting and importing Brushes


A PSP 8 and 9 Brush always consists of 2 files:

So, a PspBrush and a BrushTip_PspScript file.
These two files have to be placed in My Documents/My PSP Files/Brushes. After you've done that, the Brushes should appear in PSP when the Paint Brush tool or the Airbrush tool have been activated. You should be able to find the brush in the drop down menu.

< Activating the Paint Brush

Drop down menu.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes you can't manage to make the brush appear, no matter what. What you can do, is export the brush, this works most of the times.
Read here how to do this.

1. Open the Brush in PSP (not the BrushTip). It looks like a black and white picture, shown as below:

2. Go to File > Export > Custom Brush, see screen:

3. Now you'll get this window, fill in a name and press OK.

If you succeeded doing this, your done.

4. Sometimes you'll get the message that this name already exists:

What you can do is the following:

Go to your Brushes Folder, located in My Documents/My PSP Files. Search for the brush and/or brushtip with that name and look if it's the same brush you wanted to export, by opening it in PSP. If so, delete those files, to make sure that name no longer exists in your Brushes folder. Try again to export your brush. Probably you'll manage now.

If you see it's a different brush with te same name you don't want to get rid of, import your brush once again, but choose a different name.

You're done now, your brush will be there.

IMPORTING a brush.

We talked about exporting a brush all the time, but you can also import a brush. Now you only need 1 file, the Psp.Brush. (You won't need the BrushTip now.)
You have this file in a folder or, in my case, on your desktop.

Here you see the file on my desktop: Bloem1.PspBrush.

1. You can import this brush now in PSP. Go to File > Import > Custom Brush. Now you get this window, click Open:

2. Now you get the window as shown below. Go to the place you have your brush stored, in my case to Desktop. Click the Brush File and next Open:

3. You'll get this window. Click the brush in the left window and click next the Add button. Now click OK and the brush is imported.

Your all done now with importing the brush. You'll be able to find it when you activate the Paint Brush tool or the Aribrush tool.

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