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How to use the little "envelope" in stationery.

1. After downloading a stationery, you'll notice a little envelope in the Zip, a so called .eml file:

Unzip and put the envelope in a folder of your choice.

2. When you double click the envelope, a new e-mail will open.

3. Make sure you have 3 tabs enabled at the bottom of the window:
Edit, Source and Preview.

If you don't have those tabs, go to the top of the window and checkmark View > Source Edit:

If you click the tab "Edit", you can remove my text and type your message. Sometimes you have to double click, to make a text box appear. This is always indicated.
If the e-mail looks funny when you're on the Edit-tab, don't panic. Clicking the tab "Preview", will show you how your e-mail will finally appear.

Before sending your e-mail, you need to click the "Edit" tab. Of course you have to fill in the recipients e-mail address in the "To-box" before you can send your e-mail.

4. The little envelope (.eml file) will remain in the folder where you put it and allows you to use it again later.

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